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How to create a great climbing wall route

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A great route makes a great kids’ climbing wall

When constructing and maintaining a climbing wall for kids, or indeed for anyone, one of the hardest aspects to consider is the route and layout of the holds and T Nuts. An easy route can lead to boredom and no progress being made, whereas a poorly thought out, overly challenging route can result in frustration or worse, injury.

The team here at Wall Climber has put together a few tips on how to create a great route for your climbing wall!

Main things to consider

– Safety, avoiding potential for injury– from any point along the route, the climber should be able to fall safely. Try not to work one muscle group too hard and and be smart about the use of one-finger pockets, jumps and dynos.

– Spacing of the T Nuts– when building a climbing wall, the spacing of the T Nuts is crucial for creating interesting routes. Random spacing or staggered grid spacing is better than square grid spacing which is the least preferred and least flexible method spacing.

– Evenly distributed difficulty– it’s a good idea to make sure that, apart from the crux, you don’t vary the difficulty too much over the course of the route.

– Not putting the ‘crux’ at the end– continuing from the previous point, try to avoid putting the crux at the end of the route when climbers are naturally starting to tire. Also, make sure that the crux isn’t too difficult, ideally only half a grade higher than the rest of the climb.

– Avoid overly large reaches– more reach doesn’t necessarily make a harder or more interesting climb and can alienate shorter climbers/younger children.

– Variety and creativity– rather than focusing on reaches, be creative and varied with your hold placing whilst maintaining a natural and fluid feel to the route, don’t over think it!

Wall Climber- Experts in climbing walls for kids

If you’re after a kids climbing wall for your school or garden or if you fancy trying your hand at making your own, Wall Climber is for you. We are climbing wall manufacturers with a wealth of experience with all our walls are custom built by hand at our warehouse in Sheffield, home of climbing.

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