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Why artificial climbing walls are important

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Climbing is a vast and varying sport, and can take on many different forms – everything from scrambling over boulders to scaling the highest peaks. However, there are some people who believe that climbing on an artificial wall, particularly indoors, should not be considered ‘true’ climbing. Whilst we advocate all forms of climbing, our focus lies with building artificial climbing walls (particularly for kids and schools), so we understand the benefits and importance of them.

Anyone can join in

The primary reason is that it allows complete and total inclusion. An artificial climbing wall is safer and means that people of all ages, including children, can participate and still reap the benefits of a fun and challenging activity. That’s why we’ve installed so many school climbing walls across the country. The holds are far more forgiving on small hands than actual rock, and it’s a much more controlled environment than taking a class of thirty kids out to a popular climbing spot!

Development of essential skills

Although we build many of our walls outdoors in playgrounds, an indoor climbing wall has the added benefit of being protected from the elements. This means that it can be used any time, regardless of the weather conditions!

The overarching point, however, is the fact that artificial climbing walls still allow any prospective climber to practice the same important skills that are required for outdoor rock climbing, but in a risk-free setting. Techniques such as belaying and leading can be honed and refined so that when some young climbers inevitably venture outdoors, they have the experience necessary to be confident in their abilities, and most importantly, to be safe.

We want everyone to experience the sheer excitement that only climbing can provide – take a look at our various artificial climbing walls, and get in touch if you’re interested!

Source: https://www.climbingwalls.co.uk


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